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The Trusted Computing Group devised the Opal specifications for Self Encrypting Drives to protect user data-at-rest. Many drive manufacturers now offer products which support it. But without an integrated software solution an Opal compliant SED lacks credential recovery, key management and cannot securely awaken from certain sleep modes (e.g. S3). Similar issues arise when deploying other hardware security solutions on a mass scale. Developing secure yet non-intrusive solutions that are also cost effective to deploy and manage is one of the most important services we provide.

Explore several of our custom solutions

    • UEFI pre-boot authentication

      UEFI introduces high level functionality into the x86 bootstrap process which requires a redesign of software based full disk encryption solutions. A UEFI full disk encryption driver and embedded Linux OS were developed to pre-boot an authentication GUI while preserving the firmware environment needed to subsequently soft boot Windows. The delivered Beta software was functional on laptops from three vendors after an intense five month development cycle.

    • Opal pre-boot authentication

      TCG Opal Self Encrypting Drives (SED) include a so-called MBR shadow. This allows a computer to boot from a trusted read-only OS that can be used to authenticate the user before unlocking the SED. A small embedded Linux pre-boot authentication OS with Smart Card support was developed for this task. The pre-boot authenticates users, unlocks the SED and then performs a soft boot into the native OS. A cross-platform command line tool was also developed for SED recovery and management.

    • Cargo inspection scanner

      Security at the port of entry is achieved with a cargo inspection solution from a major global vendor. Their system is controlled by a delivered scanner daemon and embedded Linux OS. The software runs on a headless computer as it converts sensor input into grayscale images while also monitoring PLC subsystems. Management is performed from the operator's workstation thru an integrated Web management UI. Software updates are distributed as system images on a bootable CD generated during the software build process by the delivered build automation.


We offer competitive rates with discounts for extended engagements. Development is usually billed on an hourly basis, but alternate arrangements are available for specific tasks and deliverables.

Turn-key solution

Project oversight is a key benefit of our Turn-key solutions. Embedded development requires a contractor that can understand and oversee a diverse supply chain.

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