Utilities and tools developed in support of delivered projects.
    • ibtool

      A framework for building trading applications based on an implementation of Interactive Brokers published API for their Trader Workstation software is available for customization.   Request an evaluation demo of ibtool, a *NIX command line utility designed to test it.  Please note that a 'paper' account should be established at Interactive Brokers to safely use ibtool.

    • BLU technology demonstration

      BLU is a demo and development environment for mGSTEP based embedded solutions.   During installation an A/B partition scheme is implemented on MBR or GPT partitioned disks.   Any updates to the installed OS are applied to the dormant partition which becomes active after a reboot.   This eliminates the need for package management while providing for massive scale.   Derivative embedded OS images are defined by a manifest file listing the components.   Menu driven build automation tools use the manifest to perform the build process in an isolated cross-compiler environment.   Request an evaluation demo of BLU.

Open Source

Our deliverables are built with and incorporate Open Source software. We strive to contribute something back whenever possible.

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