Utilities and tools developed in support of delivered projects.
    • ibtool

      A framework for building trading applications based on an implementation of Interactive Brokers published API for their Trader Workstation software is available for customization. Request an evaluation demo of ibtool, a *NIX command line utility designed to test it. Please note that a 'paper' account should be established at Interactive Brokers to safely use ibtool.

    • BLU technology demonstration

      BLU is a development environment for mGSTEP and a demo of its technologies. As a project deliverable it hosts a cross-compiler build automation tool that can create BLU or a derivative embedded OS image from a manifest file listing the components to be included. BLU and its purpose built derivatives implement an A/B update mechanism. Once installed to the boot destination (partition) any subsequent updates are applied as an OS image to the alternate destination. As a result there is no package management. The update scheme is supported on both MBR and GPT partitioned disks. Request an evaluation demo of BLU.

Open Source

Our deliverables are built with and incorporate Open Source software. We strive to contribute something back whenever possible.

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