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DotViewUndo is derived from Apple's example and demonstrates undo / redo.
DotViewUndo-0.006 (22k)   md5: 0282989504c8fa915fc457e75a2f3924

Encamera is a simple audio/video capture and loopback demo. Requires OpenAL (built-in on OSX) for audio. Video capture utilizes the Video4Linux interface on Linux and AVFoundation on MacOSX.
Encamera-0.006 (52k)   md5: 759a8e32a8f4b9f16ed38caf3ae8e6d8

Login is an X11 server management and authentication application inspired by Per Liden's C++ app. The system's init process runs it upon entering a multi-user run level. At startup it launches the X server and presents an authentication panel which also recognizes several commands (reboot, halt, exit and console).
Login-1.320 (82k)   md5: 9d6d9743764f90c2e4971dcba6c7cd5f

Luz is an X11 window manager with a compositing overlay based app launcher (requires OpenGL for effects), a plugin architecture (Zoom and Expo plugins are partially implemented) and an auto-hide Dock for active apps. Window management is derived from JWM. Its animated wait cursor is the basis for a WM app state watchdog.
Luz-0.160 (139k)  md5: ecc90898a000e6667ac7a442b3d933bc

Magnify is a simple pixel magnifcation application derived from WindowMaker's wmagnify tool.
Magnify-0.018 (23k)  md5: 5a9533a2222fbb107f8a6bbe98f73236

Meter is a simple speedometer gauge derived from an iOS demo published on Cocoa Controls.
Meter-0.006 (18k)  md5: bb1ae5b85e226d43249a9d16a39e6393

NxCube is a port of the Cube game engine to mGSTEP.
NxCube-0.012 (30.1Mb)  md5: 21f738dc132fd4274ba64b3a026bd218

PathDemo is derived from Apple's example and demonstrates path drawing and clipping.
PathDemo-0.001 (50k)   md5: 6ccbee1ad4ca75af9486da9bc38483d0

Scale is a simple file browser that displays file sizes.
Scale-0.014 (18k)   md5: 0e1dd6be432b9c1b47f94057c3e0cba1

SudoGate is a GUI password prompt panel for the sudo or ssh commands.
SudoGate-0.005 (2k)   md5: 6631ef9e89d42c5aa3d0d7a785f542e2

TeatroSVG is a simple SVG file display app.
TeatroSVG-0.018 (32k)   md5: a6d68b9edf027ad1fe6adf88dfd9bdbc

Terminal 2 (2.035) is a rewrite of Terminal-0.9.8, a terminal emulator app.
Terminal-2.035.tar.bz2 (72k)   md5: 67a5f8dffb3d7da38dc876b071c7a3e4