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Download mGSTEP    

mgstep-2.01.tar.bz2  (1.5 MB)   8-14-2020    md5: 2c0c57cb0439755856b19e23f6167b70

Development of mGSTEP has been intermittent for more than 10 years.

Better maintained options exist (see below) and should be considered for all new projects.

Alternate environments:

mySTEP is a fork of mGSTEP that has been actively developed for many years as a platform for handheld mobile solutions. GNUstep and Cocotron are the two most active Open Source projects which provide Cocoa compatibility. Both target a broad set of features and are more likely to provide compatibility with modern environements. Microsoft's WinObjC bridge is a good option for iOS compatibility on Windows platforms.



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