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mgstep-1.68.tar.bz2   (946k) : 12-4-2016    md5: 7fd1675207d4a8bef2e8c1b558f5c801

Development of mGSTEP has been minimal for more than 10 years.

Sporadic development has resulted in several releases to mitigate the effects of obsolesence which arise from changes to the GNU tools, Objective-C runtime and improvements in Apple's Cocoa. These natural trends along with the advent of ever more powerful embedded CPU's tend to diminish the value of developing with mGSTEP. Better maintained alternatives exist (see below) and are therefore well-advised for new projects.

Alternate environments:

mySTEP is a fork of mGSTEP that has been actively developed for many years as a platform for handheld mobile solutions. GNUstep and Cocotron are the two most active Open Source projects which provide Cocoa compatibility. Both target a broad set of features and as a result they are more likely to provide compatibility with modern environements.



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