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mGSTEP is a software development framework designed primarily for use in embedded devices. It implements the core elements of NeXT's OPENSTEP(tm) which evolved into Apple's Cocoa(tm) Objective-C class libraries. The drawing API is a partial implementation of Display Postscript(tm) in parallel with the newer Core Graphics(tm) API. The stable GUI (AppKit) is X11 based. A Linux framebuffer based GUI backend is also included.

The top center and left screenshots below were created with mGSTEP and WindowMaker running on Linux. The top right screenshot illustrates anti-aliased vector path drawing on the Linux framebuffer. The two bottom right screenshots show the tableview example built using the same Makefile and source code running on mGSTEP/Linux and Cocoa/MacOSX.

Current snapshot: mgstep-0.568.tar.bz2 (828k) md5: 7bf5308f6dfb84bde6b85c749ac90c62




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